Comcast’s new “Stream TV” app has no caps – Colorado Springs Tech Week

Comcast’s new video app, Stream TV, comes with a big questions: If you have access to the service and you are one of the growing number of customers who has to abide by Comcast’s 300 GB monthly data cap, Stream TV won’t count against it. In essence, you’ll be able to watch as much Stream TV as you want and never hit your limit.I like to watch live on the big screen in my living room. My kids, on the other hand, prefer to catch up with their favorite shows on their laptops, on demand.

Stream TV is an in-home IP-cable service delivered over Comcast’s cable network, not over the public Internet

Comcast said in a statement, “IP-cable is not an ‘over-the-top’ streaming video service. Stream enables customers to enjoy their cable TV service on mobile devices in the home delivered over the managed cable network, without the need for additional equipment, like a traditional set-top-box.”


As this diversity in preferences continues to grow, we’ve added new features and offerings to try and meet the needs of everyone who loves TV. We’ve created skinny bundles like Internet Plus and developed services that cater to students, like Xfinity on Campus. And today, we’re announcing a beta test of a new streaming cable service that furthers our goal to provide TV choices for everyone. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever offered: no extra device or additional equipment required…or even a TV. And it’s called Stream.

With Stream, Xfinity Internet customers can watch live TV from about a dozen networks – including all the major broadcast nets and HBO – on laptops, tablets and phones in their home.
It includes thousands of on demand movies and shows to watch home or away and even comes with access to TV Everywhere and a cloud DVR so you can record all your favorites and watch them later.

Stream will be available to our Xfinity Internet customers for only $15 per month and will first launch in Boston at the end of the summer. We’ll take it to Chicago and Seattle next, with plans to make it available everywhere in our footprint by early 2016.

It’s unclear whether Comcast’s move to zero-rate its Stream TV traffic will draw the ire of the FCC, which instituted new net neutrality guidelines partly to prohibit ISPs from prioritizing their own services. So far the FCC hasn’t acted against other zero-rating offerings, like T-Mobile’s move to offer wireless music and video streams outside of customers’ monthly data allotment.

Getting started is easy and doesn’t even require a phone call or a visit from a technician. Xfinity Internet customers can just sign-up online, download our Xfinity TV app and start watching. It’s that simple.