How to Qualify Your VOIP Leads

What’s the difference between Instant coffee and filtered or brewed coffee? says, instant coffee is pre brewed coffee ready to rehydrate with boiling water. It dissolves and is ready to drink with no residue. Filtered coffee is ground roasted beans through which you pour boiling water and the liquid is passed through a filter leaving only the fresh brew. The grounds stay trapped in the filter.

So which tastes better? says, brewed coffee has a much stronger, deeper, and fresher taste. Instant coffee still has a coffee taste, but it is a little more muted.

Like coffee, a VOIP lead can either be generated at an instant or filtered depending on the organization’s business need and requirement.

Oracle stated that businesses have varied needs and may post different criteria for a qualified lead. If the need for a database update arises and no specific sales offer is determined yet, a customer profiling campaign can be ran which would qualify verified information of a contact as a lead. While the need to hit sales number goals would require appointment setting campaigns with tighter criteria like BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline).

What some marketers consider as a sales-ready lead may just be a mere inquiry for others. This means that, a qualified lead can be defined in different ways: HOT, WARM or COLD.