Madden: The collision of cable and mobile

Astronomers report that when galaxies collide, they can see the dramatic explosion of energy. But in reality, when the two galaxies make first contact, there's not much visible impact. The initial "collision" is really two dispersed objects that overlap with each other, occupying a shared space without significant direct conflict.

The mobile market has started to collide with the cable market. Like a gravitational pull, they're both drawn into the same space as a next wave of growth will come from convergence of networks and services. We see companies in each area starting to anticipate the coming competition between fixed and wireless. Examples include

  • Cablevision launched a "Freewheel" smartphone service based on Wi-Fi first
  • To a lesser degree, Google's Project Fi uses Wi-Fi networks to replicate a smartphone service (but using Sprint and T-Mobile as backup networks)
  • Comcast, among other cable operators, will be bidding in the 600 MHz auction
  • AT&T acquired DirecTV and then offered "unlimited" data to customers that subscribed to both mobile and video services
  • Verizon launched its Go90 service with interesting content from some of the most popular YouTube channels and the NBA