Major internet and phone company caught ‘ripping off’ customers

When Guy Ward signed up for an Optus broadband and phone bundle upgrade for $5 more each month, he was excited.

However, he noticed that his internet speed had slowed despite having paid the extra fees.

When he checked his data usage online, he realised that Optus had cut the download speed from 100mbps to 30mbps.

“Optus never mentioned the change in speed in the letter they sent to us or in the first bill we received,” Mr Ward told the Brisbane Times.

He also said Optus ignored his complaints, refused to acknowledge the dramatically reduced internet speed and offered him $30 “compensation”, until he lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman.

“My complaints fell on deaf ears. They tried to keep it a secret. This was surely misleading and deceptive conduct.”

Apparently, he was on a bundle plan that was being ‘closed down’, and transferred onto a new plan with increased monthly download to 200GB for $5 more a month.