Networks Will Lead the Way to Digital Transformation

There’s a digital transformation sweeping over business today, and taking advantage of all it has to offer requires an enterprise network that can quickly and securely transport data to those who need it.

The speed and reliability of the enterprise network is more crucial to business success than ever before, but many networks will struggle to keep up with the demand for data. End users create, send, and receive more data than ever before, and much of this information is part of a digital transformation focused on customer data, mobile applications, and analytics.

As older network equipment ages out — and as enterprises look  to add new functionality — many organizations find themselves planning to upgrade their existing networks or add  new networking technologies to help power business initiatives. 

Speakers from professional sports teams in the Bay Area spoke at a CDW Networking event that culminated in a night of NBA basketball at Oracle Arena.

In a survey of more than 500 IT decision-makers, CDW asked where organizations plan to invest their networking dollars in 2016.

The CDW survey found that 55 percent of organizations planned to make network infrastructure changes within the next year. Among these organizations, 60 percent classified their changes as tactical upgrades, while 23 percent said they were merely performing minor maintenance. Only 15 percent said they planned to undertake a major transformation.