Samsung could launch two foldable phones in 2017

Remember that dream you once had of a phone that folds out into a tablet? Samsung is set to make that dream come true in 2017, according to sources – and there'll be a second device in tow as well.

It's only a matter of time before we get a bendable smartphone – and the first one will probably come from Samsung, given all the research and development the company has been doing in that area.

That's according to 'people familiar with the matter', who spoke to Bloomberg, claiming the phone will have a 5-inch screen when used as a handset, but fold out into an 8-inch tablet display.

A phone like that could be more than just a gimmick, giving people a true two-in-one device in a way that phablets have never quite been able to manage.

The other bendy phone sounds less exciting, as it apparently folds in half like a cosmetic compact and sounds a lot like a patent that was recently uncovered. There aren't any other details about it, so it's not clear whether, for example, the screen would still be usable when it's folded.