Sheriff's office warns community of IRS internet, phone scams

FLORENCE, S.C. – The Florence County Sheriff's Office wants the community to be on alert for scammers claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service and asking for money.
The sheriff's office said they have received numerous calls from Florence County residents saying they have been contacted over the phone by someone from the IRS.
During the call, the scammer claims they are from the IRS, says taxes have not been paid and "you must return this call immediately or your local sheriff’s office will come to arrest you."

Maj. Mike Nunn from the Florence County Sheriff's Office wants to assure residents that "this is a complete scam!"

"First of all, the IRS does not do business over the telephone that way, and even if they did, the chances of being able to resolve a legitimate tax issue with a pre-paid gift card are zero to none," Nunn said. "If you get one of these calls, just hang up or delete the message."

Internet scams are also prevalent, usually involving an email that appears to be from a loved one. The false email will read that a loved one has been arrested and needs payment in order to be released from jail.

This scam also asks for the recipient to load money onto a gift card or provide credit card information.