Why real-time must mean real-time: The value of customer experience management for VoIP

Opinion: NETSCOUT's Fran Tang looks at why VoIP is shaping up to be a telecoms success story.

VoIP is proving to be a telecoms success story. Having already achieved significant market penetration, especially among enterprise users, it is now expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9.7 per cent up until the end of the decade, at which point it will be worth an estimated $137 billion per year. VoIP, therefore, represents a huge growth opportunity for network operators as they look to expand their service offerings.

However, as increasing volumes of voice traffic translate to IP, operators are under renewed pressure to deliver consistent, high-quality service. When it comes to voice calls, dropped packets, jitter, and latency on the network can all render a session unfit for purpose, which ruins the customer experience and drives churn. The move to VoIP brings with it an imperative for operators to manage the customer experience in real-time as a result, to ensure continued high-quality service and to maintain their subscription base. Yet, historically, getting access to the real-time information needed to make this a reality has been a challenge.