Auto Attendant

The TIPCOMM Automated Attendant is a flexible, powerful, front office tool that acts as an automated receptionist for business customers. Callers get a professional greeting and routing options that allow them to reach the correct destination, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

End-user Benefits:

Flexible Routing Options

Dial to reach groups/queues, dial by name, dial by extension, escape to Operator, after hours routing, and holiday routing.

Professional Greeting for Small Companies

Even the smallest company, or a "virtual" company with no physical office, can present a professional, "big company" image to callers, routing calls to employees that are geographically distributed, or to mobile employees without fixed line phones.

Skills-Based Routing for Call Centers

Automated Attendants can be used to provide simple skills-based routing for Call Centers. "Press 1 for Sales and 2 for Service," where calls are routed to hunt groups or queues that include the appropriately skilled agents.