There is a “new breed” of Telephone Company on the horizon that threatens the very existence of telephone systems as we know them today.  The technology behind this “new breed” of carrier is called Voice over IP (VoIP) over a SIP interface (Session Initiation Protocol), and is the hot news item of every leading investment and technology publication today.  This “new breed” communication provider can dramatically reduce communications costs, while driving up revenues and increasing the productivity of its customers.

TIPCOMM is a special member among this select community of “new breed” Telephone Companies.  TIPCOMM has a long history of delivering the same conventional telephone services you use today, and is years ahead of the competition in the development of these new technologies.  TIPCOMM has anticipated the demand for VoIP and SIP technologies and has been working for years on the merging of these technologies into a stable platform.  

TIPCOMM is the only carrier in this new industry that has targeted its solutions to businesses.  Most of the competition has focused on the residential user.  Moreover, TIPCOMM is local to Texas.  This gives it the presence necessary to properly deliver its “new breed” technologies.  TIPCOMM will provide you with cost turnkey solutions and a single point of contact for implementation and ongoing support.

TIPCOMM Hosted PBX/IP includes:

End-User Customer Benefits

One Number

With Mobile Unified Communications employees mobile and desk phones share the same number for voice and Short Message Service (SMS).

Work Anywhere

One number rings all of your devices; and you can one-click to move calls from one phone to another.

Relieves the burden of managing costly premises-based equipment.

With the TIPCOMM hosted solution, software updates are automatic, with little maintenance required.

Reduces the need for on-site management.

Staff can quickly and easily add or remove employees through a web based interface.

Scales to support your growing business.

Because TIPCOMM is software based, it is easily scalable and promises a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Supports both analog and IP phones.

Replaces a multi-vendor solution with reliable voice and data service and at a significant cost savings through unlimited long distance calling.

Disaster recovery

Provides immediate voice and data connectivity during a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, electrical outage) via back-up lines, enabling your workforce to carry on their business.