Accel Networks

Accel is the leading provider of managed fixed wireless broadband services in North America. Accel Networks brings together the availability, reliability, network management, and security of terrestrial frame relay with the data throughput and price point of DSL, without the long lead times, complex installations, and high fallout rates of terrestrial broadband.

Accel's provisioning process ensures a fast and easy installation process. Accel Networks performs the engineering before they ship, eliminating frustration and disappointment which so often accompanies broadband deployment. Equipment is configured using a custom script developed during the engineering process for your specific applications. 

The Accel Networks' Gemini broadband solution uses two diverse paths of wireless broadband access to deliver parallel network connections-both primary and back-up each with equal broadband throughput. Their unique multi-carrier approach and proprietary antenna technology delivers a primary network that is fully diverse from the back-up network, ensuring true redundancy while maintaining a continuous broadband connection. With the Gemini solution, customers can continue full business operation with no need to triage bandwidth-intensive applications and processes during failover. 

Accel Networks product highlights:


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