Telnes Broadband

Telnes offers one of the most complete broadband service possible through more than 10,200 central offices. Their network footprint is vast enough to provide T1 / DSL to some of the most remote office locations.

Telnes Broadband is a Managed Network Services Provider. Telnes designs, builds and manages private MPLS networks with access out of more than 10,200 central offices. Telnes Engineering will work with customers and partners to go beyond the "Hub and Spoke" style network to create a true Private Cloud. Cloud Control Network Firewalls and Automatic Failover Services combine to create the Always-On network experience that Telnes is famous for. All MPLS locations are proactively monitored for uptime and performance through LinkWatch, Telnes' exclusive Cloud Monitoring Platform. LinkWatch portal access is available to customers and partners at no charge. All support for MPLS comes from network engineers - not call center reps with escalations lists, giving enterprise customers the type of high quality support they crave. 

Telnes Broadband Products:

If you are interested in becoming a Telarus agent, or if you would like to learn more about our program, please contact Justin Chugg at (877) 346-3232 for more information.


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