XO is a facilities-based CLEC that operates a nationwide multi-10 Gigabit Tier 1 network and owns significant fiber optic network assets, including an 18,000 route-mile inter-city network and more than 3,300 on-network buildings within 40 major metropolitan markets. XO is a leader in VoIP, Network, Hosted PBX, Voice, and Cloud Computing and IT services.

XO Communications operates its own private, nationwide, multi-terabite network, extending more than one million miles in metro fiber. The XO network has nearly 1,000 central office collocations, 3,000 fiber-fed buildings, 28-31 Ghz spectrum in 75 markets, and processes more than 25 billion VoIP minutes a year. 

XO Business Services provides managed services and converged Internet Protocol (IP) network services that combine voice, Internet access, and private data networking for small and medium sized companies, enterprises, national and government accounts.

XO Communications' Network Highlights


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