Louis C.K. Let His Daughter Lock Him Out Of His Phone For The Greatest Reason

Comedian Louis C.K. surprised everyone with the sudden appearance, thendisappearance, of his online-only show Horace and Pete. Although the showtook quite the financial toll on its creator, it was well-received and will be missed by the funnyman’s fan base. Whether the 48-year-old comic will miss the show as much remains to be seen, especially because he recently decided to give up the internet and everything that comes with it. To explain this everyday life choice, C.K. read a handwritten note from one of his two daughters on Conan.

Holding a folded up piece of pink construction paper with big lettering strewn all over it, C.K. joked with host Conan O’Brien that it “was messy, but she’s 10. I’m not criticizing her, I’m just saying she’s 10.” All jokes aside, he read from the note:

“Dear daddy… I am really proud of you for cutting yourself off from the internet and reading an awesome book. I want you to know that what you did means a lot to me, and I really enjoy seeing your pleasure in not constantly being on devices. Also, thanks for the trip to Mexico. I really needed that.”