PBX or VoIP: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose

Here are five questions to answer as you decide how and where to upgrade your business phone system:

  1. Do you have the speed you need? Fonality offers a free calculator for VoIP bandwidth requirements that just takes a minute or so to complete. Run the numbers here. (Internet service has gotten so cheap relative to traditional POTS lines, low bandwidth is an easy issue to address most places. Especially since you can save oodles on long-distance.)
  2. Do you have QoS for both LAN and WAN? If you have a great router on your LAN that ensures Quality of Service for voice traffic but your ISP doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain on the WAN side, you could still run into jitter and packet loss. (If your ISP is on the naughty list or can’t answer, you can always bring your own telecom with Fonality.)
  3. What are the other network requirements for the new system? A rep or a sales engineer with any provider worth considering should be able to go over this with you in detail. Fonality has a document one of our experts can walk you through.

    What do I get beyond standard
    calling features?

    You should expect a lot more from a modern phone system than a reliable dial tone and check-box features like the ability to transfer calls. With Fonality, you get Heads Up DisplayTM.

    Affectionately known as HUD, our award-winning unified communications (UC) software for web and mobile packs a lot of punch for improving business processes.