Special Report: Smart Phones, Bad Choices

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – More than 80 percent of kids use some sort of social media to connect with friends. Most are using apps on cell phones, but experts say that could lead to dangers.
“I’m mostly on my phone when I get home from school,” said Virginia Beach’s Hannah Singer. 

Singer is using apps most adults may have never even heard about. She uses them to keep up with friends, but she’s very aware there could be dangers lurking below her fingers.

“I think it’s  dangerous, but most high school people just think it is fun,” Singer added. “They just want to talk to people and they are bored so they just talk to random people, but I think it’s weird.”

When the internet first came out, parents told us to stay out of chat rooms. Now those chat rooms are in the palm of a hand, and apps could lead them right to strangers.

“They are dangerous,” said an undercover FBI agent.