This is about to be the best reason to switch from iPhone to Android

Probably the hottest point of contention in the Tech Insider newsroom is whether Android or iOS is the better ecosystem.

I tend to come down on team Droid. The affordability and openness of Google's ecosystem offers huge advantages over Apple's closed iOS. But I understand the case for iPhones: They're reliable, always up to date, and (mostly) just work.

Ask the average iPhone user why they stick with Apple'sincreasingly boring, expensive lineup though and the answer is simple: They're used to iOS. It's simple, beautiful, familiar, and easy to use. Trying to convince one to switch to Android is almost like trying to convince a Windows or OS X user to switch to Linux (the niche, techy PC operating system on which Android is in fact based).

But Google is on the verge of striking a major blow in the ease-of-use wars: Project Abacus, Google's plan to do away with smartphone passwords almost entirely.